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4 Day Week Makes Companies More Profitable

Updated: Mar 4, 2023

A landmark research project run in part by the University of Cambridge has found that, on average, businesses adopting a four day working pattern increased their revenues by more than a third - 34.5 percent, to be precise.

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Switching to a four day week not only makes companies more money, it also boosts staff happiness and reduces burnout, a major study has suggested. The scientists discovered that the number of sick days dropped from two days per employee per month, on average, down to 0.7, a decline of 65 percent.

A total of 61 British companies adopted a four day week for the second half of 2022, with almost 3,000 staff involved. The trial, which was coordinated by the campaign group 4 Day Week Global and think tank Autonomy, found improved happiness and lower stress levels among the participating staff.

Each participating company designed its own schedule to cut work hours by 20 percent in order to best meet the demands of the business. A three day weekend with Friday off was the most popular option, but other companies staggered shorter days across a week.

At least 56 businesses said they would continue with the four day week, with 18 saying they will adopt the new policy permanently. Only three opted to scrap the scheme at the end of the pilot.

The results are the latest from the “4 Day Week Global” initiative. Joe Ryle, director of the 4 Day Week Campaign, hailed the new data as a “major breakthrough moment”. He said: “Across a wide variety of different sectors of the economy, these incredible results show that the four-day week with no loss of pay really works.

“Surely the time has now come to begin rolling it out across the country.”



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