73 Mile Wide Expletive Aimed at Putin

An unknown pilot traced a route over western Poland to convey a robust view of the Russian leader via flight tracking websites.

Screengrab from a flight tracker website showing how the pilot flew to create the message: FCKPUTIN

A pilot has sent Vladimir Putin an uncompromising appraisal of his views on the Russian president by using his flight route to write a rude message in the skies over Poland.

The light aircraft took off from Poznan in western Poland on Monday afternoon and spent 3.5 hours flying a pattern which spelt out “FckPutin” and then added an image of a phallus underneath.

The resulting robustly pro-Ukrainian message to the Kremlin, spread over a stretch of air space some 73 miles wide, was spotted by aviation enthusiasts and available for all to see on flight tracking websites after the plane returned to the ground.