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82 Year Old Woman's Annual 600 Mile Adventure

In an inspiring testament to perseverance, an octogenarian woman continues her remarkable journey from England to the Scottish Highlands - an annual adventure with her horse and dog that began more than five decades ago in 1972.

82 year old Jane Dotchin riding her horse
Credit: Youtube | SWNS

Despite her impaired vision and an eyepatch, Jane Dotchin covers 600 miles on her round-trip across the picturesque landscapes of northern England and Scotland with Dinky, her loyal Jack Russel, nestled in her saddlebag.

Over the years, she has become a well-known and beloved figure, forming friendships with numerous people along the way. Setting off from her off-grid home in Northumberland, Mrs Dotchin says she likes to visit friends along her route as she travels into Scotland, reports the Express. She said: "It's is nice to go and see them again - I ring them up in the morning to say I'm going to be there in the evening. I don't warn them too far in advance, because if the weather suddenly changes or I decide to stop early then they can be left wondering where I've got to."

According to Edinburgh Live, this intrepid lady and her animal companions generally accomplish 15 to 20 miles each day, with nights spent camping in a tent during the seven-week-long journey.

Mrs Dotchin sustains herself with a simple diet of porridge, oatcakes, and cheese, relying on an old mobile phone with a six-week battery life - though finding a signal can be challenging in remote areas.


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