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9 Year Old Wins 10K Race by Mistake

And totally freaked out his mother on the way! This is what she posted on social media.

I have never been so scared in my life. Waiting at the corner for him to come... and he never shows up! I wait a bit longer thinking maybe he had a bad race. Then comes the 30 minute mark and he still did not come around the corner. I am now in mama panic mode! Oh, fricken, no! Did my kid get lost? Did he get stollen? Is he hurt sitting somewhere freaking out?!⁠

My mama heart was scared. We had a ton of people looking for him. We finally found him. This kid forgot to turn at the 5K turn and accidentally ran the 10K.⁠

We were thinking he was dead last. No one was near him. He was running strong when he finally got to the corner where I was cheering for him. He gets to the finish line and we find out he is FIRST!!!! Fricken FIRST in the 10K!!!! This kid just ran a 48:17:39 10K!!! I mean... come on!! He is incredible and I am so proud of him! Now if he scares my mama heart like this again.. I will have to ground him!


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