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Apply Now For a Free Happiness Vacation in Finland

Once again, Finland has been crowned the happiest country in the world by the United Nations World Happiness Report 2024. Would you like to discover their secrets first hand?

“There is an old Finnish proverb that states ‘the one who has happiness, should hide it.’ As the world’s happiest country since 2018, we have decided to take the old phrase and update it, making our modern motto: ‘the one who has happiness, should share it.’ We are excited to invite people from around the world to learn about our Finnish keys and hacks to happiness,” comments Heli Jimenez, Senior Director of international Marketing at Business Finland.

Wild swimming lake in Finland

Following the success of 2023’s Masterclass in Happiness, and to help celebrate their success this year, Finland’s tourist board are once again inviting applicants from around the world to come and take part in a five-day curated happiness experience in the happiest capital in the world, Helsinki.

The Helsinki Happiness Hacks urban expedition, taking place in June 2024, will be entirely free of charge for the chosen participants, who will learn from five Helsinkians as they share their tips and tricks for achieving happiness.

Could it include you? Apply now for your chance to discover what makes the Finns so happy and learn their secrets.


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