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Solar EV Strikes Gold

Updated: Apr 13, 2023

As one of the few remaining solar EV start-ups left in the world and the closest to reaching scaled vehicle production, Aptera Motors has been pulling out all the stops in recent months to ensure it can deliver its potentially revolutionary technology to its loyal reservation holders.

And now, the solar electric vehicle start-up Aptera Motors has announced its first fleet order from SustainabilitySooner, Inc. The initial pre-order is for 101 of Aptera’s 400-mile range solar EVs. However, what may be more exciting is the prospect of future fleet orders as SustainabilitySooner looks to eventually operate a fleet of over 100,000 SEVs.

Driven by the power of the sun, as Aptera Motors states on its website, the automaker's new three-wheeler EV tops up its range as you drive along as this two-person (and one pet!) vehicle boasts a solar panel roof array and can provide up to 45 miles (72 km) of additional range per day. Naturally, the vehicles also charge with their solar panels in park mode.

The solar powered EV by Aptera
Credit: Aptera Motors

Aptera Motors shared the details of its first-ever fleet order this week, which entails a pre-order for 101 of the start-up’s 400-mile range solar EV. Although the reservation from SustainabilitySooner is non-binding, it is valued at $3.35 million in future revenues and according to Aptera, represents the first of many more partnerships with companies seeking a sustainable fleet solution.



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