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Banksy Online Auction for Ukraine

Banksy, the secretive and world-renowned graffiti artist, has announced the sale of 50 new limited edition screen prints via the Legacy of War Foundation to raise funds to support “our friends in Ukraine”. The international charity, based in the UK, provides support to civilians affected by conflict.

Banksy screen print being auctioned to aid Ukraine
Credit: Legacy of War Foundation

Fans had to register online for the prints, which depict a mouse sliding down the side of a box with “FRAGILE” printed on it, and cost £5,000 each. Each print is signed and numbered, and they are limited to one for each customer. According to the foundation, each print is unique, as the mouse scratches on each were applied by Banksy using a sharpened pizza cutter.

Explaining why he choose to partner up with the foundation, Banksy said: “In Ukraine, I saw a Legacy of War team sweep in and provide medical attention, heaters, fresh water and a friendly face to some very desperate people in a bombed-out building."

But according to the Legacy of War Foundation, there has been a problem with rogue registrations. “We are currently sifting through the registered entries and will notify successful applicants shortly,” the charity said in a statement on its website. “Thank you for your support. The site received over 1 million requests (and 3,500 hostile attacks from Russian IP addresses), so we appreciate your patience at this time.”

The funds raised by the sale will be used to purchase new ambulances and support vehicles to be used to help rescue people with disabilities, elderly people and civilian casualties.



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