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Becoming Your Best Self

Non-Profit organization Becoming Your Best Self has just launched on its mission to help increase caring in the world.

Dr. Marilyn Fitzpatrick, PhD
Dr. Marilyn Fitzpatrick

Becoming Your Best Self, a non-profit organization that promotes caring values, has officially launched its website. Dr. Marilyn Fitzpatrick, PhD, Professor Emerita at McGill University and the founder of Medipsy Psychological Services in Quebec, started Becoming Your Best Self to promote caring in the world.

The site is developed from her broad knowledge of how to create a more meaningful life by harmonizing actions with values. Dr. Fitzpatrick explains: “Most of us care. Most of us want to help others and do good in the world. But it can be tough to go from that abstract value to the specifics - the plans and actions that make it real. The Becoming Your Best Self site has lots of ideas and tools to help.”

Following the launch, Dr. Fitzpatrick welcomes organizations or individuals who want to collaborate. Marilyn hosts a podcast titled Hero Next Door and is actively seeking guests. The 'heroes' of the podcast are ordinary people taking actions to help others and help the world.

Marilyn finds research experts who offer science-based ideas and strategies to help you understand heroes and become your own best self.

The Becoming Your Best Self organization is an initiative that exists to help you realize a life of satisfaction and meaning by living in alignment with your most important values. It uses inspiration, science-based tools, values consultation, and resources to help you live your most authentic, caring, and fulfilled life.

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