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Beethoven’s 10th Symphony Finished by AI

Researchers use Artifical Intelligence to complete Beethoven’s unfinished 10th Symphony.

When Ludwig von Beethoven died in 1827, he left behind unfinished sketches of his 10th Symphony. For nearly 200 years, many have wondered what this final symphony may have actually been like.

Step forward AI, plus a dedicated team of music historians, musicologists, composers, and computer scientists. They have now finished what they believe is likely to be a faithful rendition of the master's final piece of music.

Collaborating with creative Artificial Intelligence startup Playform AI, the team taught a machine to learn Beethoven’s entire body of work and replicate his creative process to finish the piece of music. During the testing process, the machine played its intuitions to journalists, music scholars, and Beethoven experts for feedback.

18 months later, the finalized piece, a completed version of Beethoven’s 10th Symphony, will be unveiled to the world on 9 October.


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