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Best Good News Stories

Here are a handful of last week's most popular good news stories, just in case you missed any and would like to catch up.

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How Many Drinks is Too Many? The answer to the age-old question of ‘how many drinks is really too many’ has now been answered by scientists from the University of Oxford.

Herbs and Spices that can Boost Longevity: The foods we eat have a big impact on our longevity, and some herbs and spices can be helpful in contributing to a longer lifespan due to their anti-inflammatory and immunity-boosting properties.

Life Saving Hero Rewarded With $500,000: A man is being hailed as a hero after he charged into a house that had turned into a raging inferno to rescue a young girl.

Scientists Hadn't Seen This Elusive Whale Alive - Until Now: It has taken until 2022 for Sato’s beaked whale to be observed alive for the first time.

Sensor Detects Alzheimer's 17 Years in Advance: Remarkably, this novel device produces results in the symptom-free stage. That's very good news because the earlier it is detected, the greater the chance it can be stopped - before irreversible damage occurs.

US Climate Bill Suddenly Gets Green Light: Climate advocates reacted with surprise and delight to Joe Manchin’s decision to back a sweeping bill to combat the climate crisis, with analysts predicting the legislation will bring the US close to its target of slashing planet-heating emissions. This can only be described as potentially spectacularly good news.

Most watched video: How Tudor Royalty Got Dressed - Katherine Parr, the sixth wife of Henry VIII, gets dressed. With the help of her handmaids, she puts on traditional clothes worn by royalty during the reign of Henry VIII. Re-enacted by the National Museums Liverpool.


Today's Magazine articles

American Tolerance: Distant observers, and even Americans, are unlikely to know that on almost every single social issue, Americans are more tolerant today than at any point in their history

Landmark Legislation: Panama is among the 25 most mega-diverse countries in the world. Now a new law recognises the Rights of Nature.

Hilarious Sign War: McDonald's and Dairy Queen in Missouri started a hilarious 'sign war' which inspired other neighboring businesses to get involved too.

World's First Boat Elevator Transforms Scotland's Canals: After more than a century of neglect, Scotland’s old coal barge canals have been transformed into peaceful, beautiful arteries of recreation and wildlife.

Liz Truss Quotes: It looks highly likely that she will be Britain's next Prime Minister. Here are some of the things she's said that may give you an insight into who she might be.

Today's Videos

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