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Billboard Sweating For Attention

Updated: Jul 24, 2023

Netflix rolled out a billboard for Extraction 2 that features a close-up of star Chris Hemsworth… sweating.

It’s an experimental marketing move that hopes to break through the noise. If it does indeed capture viewers' attention, every Hollywood studio marketing department may get a mandate to think outside the box if they want a film to break out.

The interactive billboards in LA and NYC made Hemsworth look like he’s sweating by using lasers to cut holes in his forehead that mimic pores. The billboard wants people to feel the adrenaline!

Variety explains that a water supply behind the billboard then pushes water through the pores “at a pressure and frequency to mirror the consistency of sweat.”

Netflix also decided to keep the billboards at street level so people could… you know… actually see the sweat (and take selfies with Hemsworth’s handsome mug), reports TheFutureParty.

While it’s impossible to know if the billboards contributed to the estimated 42.8 million people that fired up Extraction 2 during its weekend debut, experiential marketing does generate headlines… it just takes a little more sweat equity.

Want to see the trailer for Extraction 2 ? Here you go...


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