Bird Houses for Your Roof

A safe place for birds to stay and raise their chicks.

With 55% of the world’s population living in cities, it can be hard for urban wildlife to find a place to live. Dutch design agency Klaas Kuiken has come up with the idea for roof tiles that can provide a shelter for birds and roof insulation at the same time.⁠

In consultation with Vogelbescherming Nederland (Dutch organization concerned with the protection of birds), Klaas Kuiken developed the Birdhouse; the clever combination of a basic terracotta roof tile with the archetypal shape of a bird house. The result is a remarkable product that not only looks good (and available in numerous colours), but should also contribute to the increase of the bird population in cities and villages.

Inside the Birdhouse, underneath the roof tile, a carefully designed nesting basket made of wood and bird screen is pre-installed. This nesting basket ensures good ventilation, prevents the birds from moving to other places underneath your roof and makes it really easy to clean the nest after a breeding period.

By installing one or more of these Birdhouse roof tiles, you make sure that birds are provided with a safe place to stay and raise their chicks. Instead of crawling under the roof tiles to build a nest, birds can now enjoy living in their own cozy little cottage.