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Black and White Photo Awards 2023

In a celebration of monochromatic photography, the prestigious Black and White Photo Awards has revealed its 2023 winners.

This year's competition attracted a record-breaking number of entrants, nearly 1,700 across 92 countries, who submitted around 3,000 stunning photographs.

Judged by a panel of notable photographers to be the Absolute Winner was Patrice Quillard from France, whose picture of a gelada staring intensely at the camera (below) is both arresting and unnerving.

Gelada ape
Absolute Winner. Patrice Quillard, "My Copyright" | Patrice Quillard

Here are a handful more of the winners that we particularly liked at OGN Towers...

Blind accordion player
"Music for Deaf' | Yuliy Vasilev

Newborn Humpback Calf and its Mother
"Newborn Humpback Calf and its Mother" | Ricardo Nascimento

Street lights in Ottawa
"Street Lights - Ottawa" | Gareth Jones

Bull elephant with large tusks
"Majestic Rhapsody" | Lalith Ekanayake

Two boys playing
"Childhood" | Joy Saha

The organizers are already looking ahead to next year’s competition. Entries will be accepted from 1 January 2024.

The full list of winners is available at Black and White Photo Awards

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