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Bleisure is Taking Off

Business travel used to consist of two or three-day corporate getaways, but a new trend that blends business and personal travel may change that.

Silhouette of four people on a mountain top watching sunset.

'Bleisure travel' is exactly what it sounds like: a merging of business and leisure travel. Imagine being sent to attend a two-day conference in Miami, and then enjoying a partly-subsidized two-week beachside stay...

Technology and an unexpected global experiment in working from home during the pandemic have revolutionized the world of work. From the freelance writer to the contracted coder, technology has made bleisure, a state of traveling before, during, or after business trips, a reality, reports Fortune.

Workplaces that permit bleisure travel allow employees to extend their business trips and spend time vacationing and sightseeing at their destination. The phenomenon is different from digital nomads, who travel permanently while working online. For bleisure travelers, the stays are far shorter.

Bleisure trips were already rising before the pandemic, with the number of business trips that became bleisure trips rising 60 percent between 2016 and 2018, according to Expedia Group Media Solutions, a travel information platform. That trend is expected to continue after the pandemic due to changed work habits, a desire for longer and more immersive vacations, and concerns about the environmental impact of business travel.

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