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Brad Pitt's Trick For Ageing Well

The Hollywood star says that anti-ageing claims are a fallacy, and that his skincare philosophy is ‘keep it simple’.

Brad Pitt with a bottle from his new skincare line
Brad Pitt with a bottle from his new skincare line, Beau Domaine

Ever since his break-out role as a young stud in Thelma and Louise, Pitt has been famous for his youthful good looks. Now, after years of research, he's created a skincare product for the benefit of both men and women.

"I have tried products in the past and some involved many steps and that is not for me, I need a simple routine." For 60-year-old Pitt, this simple routine is from his French skincare brand Beau Domaine, cofounded with the Perrin family, his partner in the hugely popular Côtes De Provence rosé wine from his biodynamic vineyard, Château Miraval. They’ve been working together since 2012 and launched the skincare product in 2022 - after Pitt had used it himself for over a year.

Beau Domaine isn't designed to turn back the clock - as Pitt says, ‘the term “anti-ageing” is a fallacy’ - but to improve skin health over time utilising anti­oxidants derived from grapevines. ‘We believe in ageing well, with a healthy skin that ages gracefully,’ he adds.

Beau Domaine benefits from the expertise of both Prof Pierre-Louis Teissedre, an expert in phenolic compounds from grapes, and geneticist Prof Nicolas Lévy, who has been researching progeria, an extremely rare genetic disorder causing premature ageing in children. Fifteen years in the making, the skincare line has two patented active ingredients, GSM10 and ProGR3 (not catchy, but the clinical results stack up). Prices start at £194 ($245) from Beau Domaine

Nobody would bet against his skincare products becoming as successful as his wines or, even, his pink champagne. Pitt released his first champagne - Fleur de Miraval - in October 2020 and is the only Champagne house that is devoted exclusively to rosé. The pink Champagne took over from Piper-Heidsieck in 2022 as the Champagne at the Oscars, becoming the first celebrity fizz to be served at the prestigious event.


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