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Call of Duty Heroics

Updated: May 25, 2022

Anyone with kids who enjoy playing video games will be aware of Call of Duty. It's by far the best selling game of its kind and has been since 2003.

Scene from Call of Duty video game

Courtesy of the vast profits generated from, frankly, a rather violent game that involves shooting the 'enemy', the game's owner - Activision Blizzard - actually deserves a medal for heroics itself.

Last month the Call of Duty Endowment reached its goal of placing 100,000 veterans into meaningful employment two years ahead of schedule. To mark the occasion - and the start of Military Appreciation Month in the US - Activision Blizzard has committed an additional $30 million in funding to support the program moving forward.

Over the last twelve years, the Call of Duty Endowment says it has partnered with the most effective nonprofit veterans organizations in both the US and UK to deliver high value job placements - which is the service most requested by veterans.

“To put 100,000 placements in perspective, the entire active-duty Marine Corps is made up of more than 178,000 people,” said General James Jones, United States Marine Corps (retired) and Co-Chair of the Endowment. “While reaching 100,000 placements two years earlier than our goal is an accomplishment to be proud of, there is much more we can and should be doing to support our veterans as they transition to civilian employment.”

“To date, we have invested over $60 million in support of veterans employment initiatives,” said Bobby Kotick, CEO of Activision Blizzard and Co-Founder of the Endowment. “With our even more efficient programs we expect to generate another 50,000 job placements through Call of Duty Endowment grants.”


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