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Clever Ideas to Avoid Turning the Heating On or Up

The electric blanket is the forerunner in many households. What other clever ideas (that are much cheaper than turning the heating on or up) are there?

Old steel radiator

Approximately 60 percent of American households have at least one electric blanket. They serve as personal heating systems and are significantly cheaper to run than keeping the heating on all night.

At comfortably less than a dollar per night (and around 50p in the UK) these heating marvels are understandably wildly popular. And, you'll be pleased to learn, a couple of wearable options are now available.

The idea is simple: heat yourself, not the entire room or house. With the price of energy rocketing, for many it's the perfect option.

Von Haus heated throw

When you're lying on the sofa watching the TV, snuggle up with a heated throw. Von Haus’s heated throw, for example, is lined with soft fleece and made of 250gsm double flannel. It’s controlled by a digital remote with nine heat settings and thankfully, there’s a built-in timer should you inadvertently fall asleep, and the automatic shut-off protects against overheating. Spilt your cocoa or found the cat colonising it with fur? Machine washable up to 30 degrees and the plug is detachable. Priced at around £55 / $60, just google 'heated throw' wherever you live (and, as always, check the reviews)...

Heated poncho

Cold in the office? Chilly on the commute? Well, the answer surely is a heated poncho. Essentially an electric blanket that you can button up and wear, it has heat and time settings, and has that reassuring overheating protection. It cleverly leaves your arms covered enough to keep them warm, but free enough to tap away at your laptop. Importantly, it’s also machine washable, for when you accidentally drag your sleeve through your dinner. Priced at around £90 / $100, again just google 'heated poncho' wherever you live...

USB-powered cup warmer

So, once you're snug under your throw or in your poncho, and the heating is off or very low, you may find that your tea or coffee, or any other hot beverage, gets chilly faster than you can drink it. Solution: a USB-powered cup warmer. Not only will it prevent you from clicking on the kettle every half hour (tut, tut, wasteful), if you place your mug on top, it will keep your warming beverage at a very drinkable 50C for the foreseeable. No more glugging of tepid tea. Perfect. At around £10 / $11, what's not to like?

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