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Cold Hard Cash Recovered From Discarded Freezer

A word of warning to the well-meaning de-clutterers of the world trying to help their relatives: elderly people have a habit of squirreling money and other valuables away in the oddest places, so if you're helping clear out a loved one’s residence, be sure to proceed with caution.

Unbeknownst to her relatives, a granny in Ohio had stashed $25,000 in cash in her freezer. While tidying up the house, her relatives understandably threw out the freezer and its outdated contents, not knowing that there was thousands of dollars of, literally, cold hard cash squirrelled away under the vegetables.

It was only after the trash (including the freezer) had already been collected that granny remembered to warn her relatives about her secret stash. Panic set in - her nest egg was on its way to the city landfill, reports ABC News-5.

Frantic calls ensued and they learnt that recovery would all depend on whether or not the truck had already arrived at the landfill. Had the truck offloaded at the dumpsite, it would have been a lost cause. But, happily, it hadn't!

Luckily, the operations supervisor was able to track down the driver who had yet to make the drop-off, so the truck was diverted to a nearby recycling center where its six-ton cargo of garbage was tipped out and workers immediately began sifting through the mountain of refuse in search of the buried treasure. And, hey presto, they found it. Cue: huge sigh of relief!


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