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Comedy Pet Photography Awards 2023

Updated: Dec 7, 2023

It's that time of year again! Here are some of the hilarious shortlisted entries for this year's awards.

The competition was created by professional photographers Paul Joynson-Hicks and Tom Sullam. Their mission, according to their website "is to promote positive awareness of animal welfare issues and celebrate - hip hip hooray... the incredible and hugely valuable contribution that pets can and do have on our lives."

"They keep us fit, amused, sane and grounded. They listen to us when no one else does, they know how to cheer us up and will do anything for us (unless we're talking about cats but they have special super powers of their own that we dare not talk about). Through the wonders of photography, we want to share the hilarious expressions, antics and naughty capers that your joyous pets get up to and share the love and laughter with the world!"

The Winners of the 2023 Comedy Pet Photo Awards will be announced on 11 August. Here are a handful of OGN's favourites from the finalists. If you would like to see the others, please go to Comedy Pet Photography Awards.

Dog leaping in front of the camera
Chris Porsz | Comedy Pets

Kitten sneaking up on another kitten
Michel Zoghzoghi | Comedy Pets

Pair of Afghan hounds
Klaus-Peter Selzer | Comedy Pets

Cat standing on two legs being admired by other cats
Kenichi Morinaga | Comedy Pets

Woman with same hairstyle as her poodle
Lana Polyakova | Comedy Pets

Large, grumpy cat
Kenichi Morinaga | Comedy Pets

Dog diving into a hole on a sandy beach
Sophie Boynton | Comedy Pets

More photos? Take a look at OGN's Photography Archives


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