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Cool New Electric Mobility Scooter

When most people think of electric mobility scooters for seniors, they probably picture rather drab, decidedly "uncool" vehicles that are exposed to the elements. The fully-enclosed all-wheel-drive Tectus, however, looks like something out of Blade Runner. In fact, why should such a machine be just for seniors?

Electric mobility scooter - Tectus
Credit: Tectus

The three-wheeled single-passenger Tectus is made by Canadian electric mobility company Avvenire and has a top speed of 32 km/h (20 mph). Not exactly zippy, but who needs to go faster in town?One charge of the lithium battery pack is claimed to be good for a range of up to 160 km (99 miles).

Instead of conventional doors - and as you might expect from this futuristic-looking runaround - the Tectus features a canopy that tilts forward, making it easy to get into and out of. Better yet, for users who don't fancy hoisting that canopy up and down, it's motorized - in fact, it can even be opened from a distance via a wireless remote so it's ready for you to hop into when you want to nip down to the shops or visit friends.

A variety of lidded box options on the back of the Tectus allows for the transport of groceries and other cargo.

The Tectus is available for US$6,995 but for an extra US$2,000 you can get a raft of additional features, such as a backup camera (with obstacle sensors), running lights, a stereo sound system, GPS tracking, heating and air conditioning.

If you're interested, the Tectus can be pre-ordered now via the Avvenire website, with deliveries commencing later this year. Take a look at the short video below to get more of an understanding of this electric runaround.


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