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Coyote Goes Rafting

An outdoorsman (as they say in Canada) befriended the most adorable adventure companion when he rescued a drowning coyote pup during a 10 day rafting trip.

A Canadian man named Justin was enjoying a rafting trip on the Red Deer and South Saskatchewan Rivers in Canada when he came across an animal struggling in the water. Justin reached in to pull it out but he ended up in the freezing water himself. ⁠

When he managed to get them both back into the boat, he realized it was a coyote pup that he just saved, and it wasn’t even conscious anymore. So he performed CPR on the poor wee thing and brought it back to life. ⁠

Due to the limited internet service out there, Justin ended up keeping the coyote, which he named YipYip, for a 10 day rafting adventure. After they came back home, Justin reached out to the Wildlife Rehabilitation Society of Saskatchewan and let them take care of his new friend.⁠

“He is wilding up, has a healthy fear of humans now and will be released back into the wild in the fall,” president Bonnie Dell told the PA news agency.⁠

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