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OGN Sunday

Updated: Apr 10, 2021

Bundle of good news nuggets to perk up the day.

  • Novavax reports that its phase three covid vaccine trials show an overall efficacy of 90%, and expects to be the next vaccine approved for use by America's FDA. The more the merrier!

  • Easter Island music school: World class pianist Mahani Teave returned home to Easter Island to teach children. This is an extraordinary story of dedication, compassion and the lure of home.

  • School for female shepherds: With more and more women leaving Spain’s rural towns in favour of the bright lights of the city, a new initiative has been launched to help save rural Spanish towns that are fading from the map, while offering women a foothold in a trade long dominated by men: shepherding.

  • India is set to open it's third Organic Farming University. Agriculture Minister BC Patil says it's "high time we gave priority to organic farming."

  • Biden abandons Trump's dystopia: Have you noticed how much more serene life has become without the 'noise' coming from Trump's White House?

  • The US has long been a driving force in entertainment, media, and cultural exports, so the responsibility of transforming how marginalized identities are represented lies largely in the hands of the major players in Hollywood, such as Disney - whose latest animated movie, Raya and the Last Dragon features its first Southeast Asian princess and is a landmark moment for Southeast Asian representation in Hollywood.

  • Rock older than Earth found on Earth: Last year, a chunk of a meteorite landed in the Sahara Desert. Now, scientists have announced that they think it's older than Earth.

  • Over the past decade, no major energy source has grown faster than solar power. According to the 2020 BP Statistical Review of World Energy, installed solar photovoltaic capacity has grown at an average annual rate of over 42% over the past 10 years, translating into a doubling of global capacity every 1.7 years on average.

  • He drives around in an unmarked police car, but everyone in Camden, Arkansas, knows his name. L.C. "Buckshot" Smith is the oldest police officer in the state. He's 91 years old. Smith moves a little slower, but still walks the beat of his hometown four days a week. After 46 years as a deputy, he retired - for only five months. He said he didn't have any fun during those five months. "I don't hunt. I don't fish." "He does not want to retire. In his words, to me, he'll retire when the good Lord tells him to," said chief Boyd Woody. Until then, Smith plans to keep rolling and patrolling.

  • The EU is on a path to surpass its goal of generating a third of its energy from renewable sources by 2030 and reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by at least 55% by 2030, compared to 1990 levels. That would put the EU on a path to reach climate neutrality by 2050, reports Forbes.

  • Unbelievable places: Gorgeous 5 minute photographic montage of some of the world's most magical and extraordinary places.

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