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Good News Nuggets

Updated: Sep 15, 2021

Monday's mood boosting good news nuggets.

  • A social enterprise that uses profits from selling coffee to help homeless people find their feet is opening 55 takeaway outlets in the UK and Ireland. Change Please trains homeless people as baristas, offering them a Living Wage job, plus help accessing housing, a bank account and mental health support. The social enterprise has just announced that it will be taking over 55 ATM Coffee outlets in train stations, airports and hospitals. Its CEO said the expansion proves that “you can offer an amazing product and do good at the same time”.

  • Bird enthusiasts, rejoice! A sighting of the green broadbill in Singapore has created a stir among bird watchers, who have flocked to the offshore isle of Pulau Ubin to see the emerald green creature. The bird, which gets its name for its gorgeous green plumage, was spotted on the rural island, northeast of Singapore, two weeks ago by a local birdwatcher. The reason for all the excitement? The bird was declared extinct in 1941.

  • In good news for the burgeoning world of astronomy, New York studio Ennead Architects has just completed the world's largest museum dedicated to astronomy in Shanghai, China. Designed to reflect the shapes and geometry within the universe, the form of the recently opened museum has no straight lines or right angles.

  • The California Energy Commission has just approved the 2022 California Energy Code, which sets the building standards for new construction. In an historic unanimous vote, California became the first state in the U.S. to require builders to install solar and battery storage on new commercial buildings and high-rise multi-family buildings.

  • A small fish that plays a big role in the marine food chain has returned to Scotland's River Clyde in large numbers, according to a study by the University of Aberdeen. Researchers found that sprat, which is food for many other marine species, has increased its numbers 100-fold in the waterway since the late 1980s. Large concentrations of krill, which whales feed on, were also found. The further good news is that this should, in time, lead to the recovery of the populations of the larger animals that feed on them.

  • Image captured by NASA of a black hole 7,800 light years from Earth has been likened to a stargate. A stargate is considered to be a device or portal, like a wormhole, which can transport someone to another location light years away in almost the blink of an eye. Whilst it's almost certainly not a stargate, the image shows a spectacular set of rings around a black hole, revealing more about the space dust that pervades our galaxy.

  • These days, it might seem like everyone's talking about electric vehicles. Now, Lightyear Motors, a Netherlands-based EV firm is aiming to manufacture the first highly capable solar car. The goal is to allow its drivers to be energy independent by not needing to rely on the power grid for energy. In Lightyear's upcoming vehicle, the One, it claims drivers could go months without charging. It's light, aerodynamic and a 'snip' at $175,000. Deliveries slated to commence in summer 2022.

  • Scientists have begun testing an artificial intelligence system that they believe could diagnose dementia after a single brain scan. It currently takes multiple scans and tests to identify the condition, and early diagnosis could help improve patient outcomes, as there are some drugs that can help slow its progression. Consultant neurologist Dr Tim Rittman, who is leading the study, with neuroscientists from Cambridge University, described the artificial-intelligence system a “fantastic development”.

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