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OGN Wednesday

Mid week collection of uplifting news nuggets and a whole lot of love.

  • A "priceless" wedding album that was lost for about 20 years has been reunited with its rightful owners after a woman found it in her loft. The pictures of Colin and Helena Hutt's special day were found by Vi Shawyer in her Plymouth home. She then posted about it on a local Facebook group. The couple were reunited with the album after it was shared nearly 8,000 times. It's the only record of their wedding and was lost after a move during Mr Hutt's career in the police, they said. Mr Hutt said the couple, who have been married for 39 years, were "absolutely over the moon" to have the album returned.

  • Cash relief for the world's poorest: How GiveDirectly is finding the poorest people in the world - and sending them cash.

  • Launched less than three weeks ago, the Copernicus Sentinel-6 satellite has not only returned its first data, but results also show that it is functioning far better than expected. Thanks to its new, sophisticated, altimetry technology, Sentinel-6 is poised to deliver exceptionally precise data on sea-level height to help humanity measure and better understand sea-level rise.

  • Twenty five years in the making, a new monument on the National Mall in Washington, D.C., has been unveiled: the National Native American Veterans Memorial. Finally, Native Americans are honoured for their service to the nation.

  • In great news for the planet, Joe Biden pledges to host global climate summit and rejoin Paris accord. The president-elect vowed to engage with climate activists, and said the US would rejoin Paris agreement on first day of presidency.

  • How about this gorgeous story from Samantha Hassan: 7 years ago I worked at a small company of about 15 people. I sent an email to all my co-workers one Friday, inviting them on a weekend hike. Only one person came, a guy from the web dev team that I'd hardly spoken to. Today is our 6th wedding anniversary. We're going hiking.

  • Tesco, the world’s third-largest grocery store chain, has announced that as millions of Yule-tide products appear across its shelves, they do so lacking 20 million individual pieces of what would have been single-use plastic.

  • Golden era for treasure hunters: 6,251 discoveries were reported to the British Museum during the first lockdown in the UK with some amazing finds. The results from Lockdown2 are yet to be announced.

  • Cookies for Caregivers: In April, two dads in Huntingdon, Pennsylvania, decided to have a bake-off - mostly out of boredom. They had no idea it would turn into a movement of more than 100 people in their small town, baking and delivering cookies each week to essential workers at hospitals, fire departments, and grocery stores. They were shocked but delighted when their competition-turned-good deed started to spread to other communities.

  • Fans of Hamilton will most definitely recognise the song that's been reprised with Trump in the role of the mad king:

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