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OGN Wednesday

Updated: Apr 10, 2021

Today's collection of positive news snippets.

  • Goldman Sachs has announced it will invest $10 billion into areas that will impact the lives of one million Black women by 2030. Goldman will partner with Black women-led organizations and institutions to commit $10 billion in direct investment. The investment strategy is led by Black women, such as former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice.

  • Collapsible propeller: NASA is joining the new age of electricity by embracing their first all-electric airplane known as the X-57 Maxwell. It's also developed an extraordinary bank of folding propellers on its aircraft which only need to be deployed at low speeds, i.e. when taking off and landing.

  • Britain’s economic prospects are improving as a result of the successful vaccine programme and could perform more strongly than expected over the coming months, the governor of the Bank of England has said.

  • A world-first arthritis treatment for dogs is being rolled out, and vets are hailing it as “groundbreaking.” The antibodies have been manufactured in the USA by Zoeitus, the largest global animal health company, and Scotland’s dogs will be the first country to benefit - with eight veterinary clinics across the country distributing the treatments.

  • Paris-based Vincent Callebaut Architectures has revealed new photos of Tao Zhu Yin Yuan, a LEED Gold-certified high-rise slated for completion later this year. Located in the financial district of Taiwan’s capital, the award-winning vertical forest building was created by the architects as an “anti-global warming and carbon-absorbing ecosystem” and will feature approximately 23,000 trees, shrubs and plants along the ground floor, balconies and terraces. The architects estimate that the 21-story building will absorb around 130 tons of carbon a year.

  • Deb Haaland confirmed as first Indigenous US cabinet secretary. Interior secretary from New Mexico will be responsible for US’s land, seas and national resources.

  • Best nutrients for memory and cognition: The brain is constantly undergoing neuroplasticity, meaning it's growing and changing throughout our lifetime. One way to support that process and enhance memory function is by eating functional foods, says neuroscientist and neurodegenerative disease researcher Kristen Willeumier, Ph.D.

  • Hand sanitiser, smart watches and hand weights for home exercise have been added to the basket of goods and services used to calculate the cost of living, in a sign of how spending habits have changed in Britain during a year of lockdown. This year, 17 items have been added to the basket, 10 removed and 729 left unchanged. Announcing the annual update, the Office for National Statistics said it had taken note of the lifestyle changes forced on Britain as the public adapted to the coronavirus.

  • Fun photos catching the moment: Hong Kong photographer seems to have the knack of being in the right place at the right time. Combined with a good imagination, his photographs are both fun and amusing.

  • Armchair escapism: Enjoy this magical mood-boosting time-lapse adventure in Norway's extraordinary landscape.

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