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Good News Today

Updated: Oct 24, 2022

Global round up of good news snippets.

  • Hats off to Leonardo DiCaprio for pledging $43m to restore the Galápagos Islands. Environmentalist actor, with other conservation groups, aims to rewild the entire archipelago and other Pacific islands in Latin America. Marcelo Guerrero, Ecuador’s minister of environment and water, said: “These kinds of partnerships that leverage technical, social and financial innovations, are exactly what we need around the world to restore the health of our planet."

  • Wimbledon is gearing up for a dash for tickets, with up to 100,000 set to go on sale in the days before the tournament starts next month. The All England Club have confirmed for the first time that they are confident of increasing the number of tickets available above 25 percent of capacity in a move that raises hopes about Britain hosting bigger crowds this summer. Tickets are to be released in a series of batches on a first-come-first-served basis on Ticketmaster, or an equivalent platform.

  • A cuddle has such enormous benefits, from the calming effect of physical touch to the release of stress-busting "happy hormones" (oxytocin, dopamine and serotonin), which help to regulate sleep and boost the immune system. Hugs are even thought to improve heart health. It has been a long old wait, but now Brits are free to hug whoever they choose.

  • Emmanuel Macron has bowed to Boris Johnson by stumping up £200m of French taxpayer cash to lead a bailout for Eurostar after the under-sea railway connection between England and France was on the brink of collapse earlier this year, as passenger numbers slumped 95pc following travel restrictions.

  • The majority of small shacks in India are covered with thin metal roofs that are great at trapping heat, making them unbearably hot for the poor, literally, people who have to live in them. But the good news is that an innovative new company - Modroof - has developed cheap, water-proof modular roofing panels made from paper and wood waste that keeps homes cooler - as much as 18F / 8C cooler.

  • The age of oil and gas exploration is already over and no new fields are needed, the International Energy Agency says. In a landmark report on the path to net zero carbon emissions by 2050, the organisation says that oil demand must drop by 75pc over the next three decades - rendering the need to exploit new reserves obsolete. No further coal mines will be needed either. That's clear enough!

  • Lamborghini is the latest supercar maker to pivot from screaming V-12 combustion engines to electric and will invest €1.5 billion ($1.8 billion) to do so. It will offer plug-in hybrid versions of each model in its lineup by 2024 and will launch its first vehicle powered purely by battery in the second half of the decade.

  • UK Health Secretary, Matt Hancock, has announced that a world-first Covid-19 vaccine booster study will be launched in the country, trialing seven vaccines and will be the first in the world to provide vital data on the impact of a third dose on patients’ immune responses.

  • Sharks use the Earth's magnetic field as a sort of natural GPS to navigate journeys that take them great distances across the world's oceans, scientists have found. The study confirms long-held speculation that sharks use magnetic fields as aids to navigation - behaviour observed in other marine animals such as sea turtles. “We know that sharks can respond to magnetic fields," said one of the scientists. “We didn’t know that they detected it to use as an aid in navigation ... You have sharks that can travel 20,000 kilometers (12,400 miles) and end up in the same spot.”

  • A consortium led by Rolls-Royce is in talks to raise £300m for the development of mini nuclear reactors it hopes can make Britain a world leader in renewable energy and power the “green industrial revolution”. The design, which takes up about the space of two football pitches, will enable each mini reactor to generate enough power for 1m homes, and cost about £2bn each to build. Meanwhile, another UK firm is close to achieving nuclear fusion - an endless, climate-friendly source of energy.

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