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OGN Monday

Updated: Mar 16, 2021

What better way is there to start the week than with some good news?

  • A space supply ship carrying supplies bound for the International Space Station launched from Virginia on Saturday. The capsule is named for Katherine Johnson, a black mathematician whose contributions to space exploration were featured in the Oscar-nominated film Hidden Figures. Her most remembered achievement are her calculations that made John Glenn the first American to orbit Earth in 1962.

  • Envious social media users across the world have expressed their palpable envy for Australians’ news-free Facebook experience. Australians now blocked from sharing news on the platform have already reported a 100% rise in intelligence and articulation when it came to using the now news-free platform which many normally describe as a hellhole where brain cells go to die. Unable to gain access to news on Facebook, Australians have been forced into primitive forms of news consumption such as learning of world events via carefully researched and authenticated words printed on paper or dispensed from their TVs.

  • Time to dump your SUV: Here's an astonishing fact (says the International Energy Agency), SUVs are the second-largest global contributor to increases in global CO2 emissions after the power sector, since 2010! Ahead of heavy industry (including iron and steel, cement, aluminium), as well as trucks and aviation.

  • No longer shielded by Trump, Mexico is now crafting a plan to promote state-backed solar power generation that could spur well over $1 billion in investment, benefitting local communities and helping the country meet environmental targets.

  • Reasons to be hopeful about climate actions in 2021 Humanity has been in many last chance saloons with climate change, but there are now reasons for optimism.

  • New York was revitalised by the High Line, a ribbon of parkland floating above Manhattan on a disused elevated railway that has become one of the city’s biggest tourist attractions. Now the High Line’s designer hopes to give London its own green thread, after being chosen to create the Camden Highline, a linear park on three-quarters of a mile of railway viaducts running from Camden to Kings Cross.

  • Car credits Motorists in the UK will be paid up to £3,000 to give up their polluting cars under new plans designed to improve air quality in built-up areas, and to change travel habits.

  • G7 pledges an extra $7bn towards Covid vaccines for world's poorest. UN secretary general, António Guterres, calls for global plan to ensure vaccines distributed equitably. The number of vaccines administered worldwide has passed 200m, but wealthy G7 countries have to pledge to more than double aid to support access for the less well-off.

  • Back from the brink of extinction Antarctic Blue Whale numbers are, thankfully, recovering.

  • NASA’s groundbreaking Perseverance rover has touched down on the surface of Mars. Contrary to a rumour circulating on Facebook in Australia several days ago, it will not have to self-isolate for 14 days.

  • 21-year-old UK teacher becomes youngest woman to row Atlantic solo. Jasmine Harrison made the record-breaking journey in just over 70 days. “I want to inspire young people to get out there and do something, whether that be changing the world or just doing something outside your comfort zone,” she says.

  • Pickleball The fastest growing sport in America that you've probably never heard of. It's a mix of tennis, badminton and ping-pong and looks a lot of fun. No wonder it's catching on.

  • What better way is there to start the week than an uplifting, mood-boosting short film showing the wonders of the planet we're lucky enough to live on?

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