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Good News Today

Updated: Oct 24, 2022

Thursday's round-up of positive news snippets.

  • Isles scattered across the Aegean archipelago are to become the first “Covid-free” areas of Greece as vaccination efforts intensify in tourist destinations hoping for an influx of summer visitors. In one of the biggest operational challenges of modern times, authorities have vowed at least 69 islands will be fully vaccinated by the end of April.

  • Meanwhile, Denmark has launched a Covid "passport" to help non-essential businesses reopen. The "coronapas" is available via an app or in paper format for those who have either been fully vaccinated, tested positive for Covid-19 two to 12 weeks previously or negative in the last 72 hours. The aim is to gradually reopen the economy by the end of May.

  • UK's greenest ever day: On Easter Monday, zero-carbon sources made up 80 percent of the country's energy mix, as Britain's clean energy transformation continues apace.

  • UK electric and hybrid car sales hit record levels in March, traditionally the biggest month of the year for motor dealers, as demand for greener vehicles surged. Sales of battery electric cars and plug-in hybrids accounted for a combined 14 percent of the market - twice as much as last year - in a sign of the accelerating switch to cars with lower carbon exhaust emissions.

  • In 24 years, California has cut toxic air pollution by 78 percent, resulting in 82 percent fewer attributable deaths.

  • Super cold thunderstorm: We've all seen those majestic anvil storm clouds that form on a hot summer's day, but what do you think is the temperature right at the very top?

  • By working with its suppliers, Tesco (the UK's biggest supermarket chain) managed to permanently remove one billion pieces of plastic from its UK stores in 2020.

  • On Okinawa, a remote Japanese island, the popular mantra is hara hachi bu, which translates as “Eat until you’re 80 percent full”. Why's that good news? Well, you might like to know that there are five areas of the world where people live longer and have the sharpest minds and the thing they have in common is they don’t over eat.

  • Not content with simply helping save the world with a new vaccine, AstraZeneca has pledged to “go carbon-negative across its entire value chain” and set a series of targets to help guide strategy and achieve its goal of going beyond net-zero by 2030.

  • Yesterday, Elle Taylor became the first person in the UK to receive the Moderna vaccine and said she had not heard of it until she was told she was receiving it. Asked how she felt to be a trailblazer for millions of other people, the 24-year-old unpaid carer said: "I feel thrilled and really happy and honoured, and I just hope it goes well for everybody."

  • Go off-grid with KiteX: Portable power-generating wind turbine that's designed to change the camping experience may be just what you need for your staycation.

  • Never seen a starfish walking? Now's your chance...

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