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Edible Straws

Equo Straws harness nature to replace single-use plastic straws - which are used at the alarming rate of 500 million per day in America.

Equo Straws has launched with a 100% biodegradable and compostable straw using natural ingredients sourced from local farming communities.

The name was created by combining the words ‘eco’ and ‘status quo,’ so ‘Equo’ stands for the ideal of creating functional products with minimal impact to the environment, says co-founder Marina Tran-Vu.

She previously worked in brand management for consumer goods companies like Unilever and Bacardi, and was inspired to build a sustainable future for her nephew while working to support local economic growth and job creation in her parents’ hometown in Vietnam.

“Traveling the world and seeing the massive amount of plastic... breaks my heart,” she said. “I really want future generations to have a chance at experiencing a better Earth. Also, after returning to Vietnam, I wanted to create jobs for local farming communities and give them a steady income.”

“It’s well known that plastic straws are harmful for the environment, with most of the 500 million used every day in America. Although there are some plastic and paper straw alternatives on the market, most are environmentally harmful through the carbon footprint they make in production and disposal, and we were also unsatisfied with the quality and durability of paper straws.”

So, with funding now secured, Equo Straws will be launching with a choice of four different flavours:

  • Coconut Straws: Made from fermented coconut water, offering a tropical twist on an everyday product, and available in ivory white with a cool textured design.

  • Rice Straws: Made from rice and tapioca starch and available in plant-based, natural colours including white, green, pink, blue, yellow. After use, these can be cooked down and are fully edible.

  • Dried Grass Straws: Made from naturally tube-shaped grass and available in green.

  • Sugarcane Straws: Made from sugarcane, with a light sweet aroma, and available in a variety of sizes (including wide sizes). Available in light brown, and washable for reuse within one day.

Straws are the first in a line of products the company plans to introduce to replace single-use plastics.

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