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Electric Rolls-Royce Classic

In really good news for those with deep pockets and a penchant for green transportation, a company called Lunaz has just announced the arrival of a classic Rolls they have turned electric.

It's based on a 1961 Rolls-Royce Phantom V and has an EV platform underneath and instead of a fuel tank, it has fuel cells. Its battery pack is the largest of its type in the world, ensuring that your chauffeur can whisk you around in style for over 300 miles.

Every car by Lunaz is taken back to the bare metal, 3D scanned, weighed and fully restored before the conversion and re-engineering process begins. This enables all Lunaz's customers to choose exactly what they want their car to have and what they want it to look like.

Other than the advanced EV powertrain, this classic Rolls is now filled to the brim with high-tech kit. These include, for example, a fully integrated infotainment system including satellite navigation, a function to split audio between the rear and front to ensure passengers are able to listen to music without interruption from the driver’s irritating sat-nav instructions.

The car's climate control has also been magically transformed to incorporate modern air conditioning with the ability to dictate differing air settings depending on each occupant’s preference. It's all very clever stuff.

Furthermore, Lunaz has fitted TV screens in the back, a mini-bar for all your drinking pleasures, and it's even created the option for an eight-seat configuration so you can bring all of your pals along for a ride. But what makes these vehicles even more special is the attention to detail and the preservation of as much as possible to the original glorious 1960s look.

The 'Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud by Lunaz' has a starting price of £350,000 (US$450,000) and the 'Rolls-Royce Phantom by Lunaz' starts at £500,000 (US$645,000). We did mention you needed deep pockets! But, even if you've got the money, the main issue if you fancy one isn't the price, it's the very limited availability.

Lunaz only plan on making 30 overall, including both models. So if you want one you better get on it immediately.

Original source: Drivetribe


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