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Electric Suite on Wheels

If you don't have six figures to splurge on your own motorised glamping vehicle, California based RollAway will rent you one of their luxurious electric RVs for your off-grid expedition into the wilderness. It's not a hotel or your typical Airbnb, but a luxury stay on wheels...

Not only will renters rest easy with the peace of mind of a respectable 250 mile (400 km) range and California's robust EV charging network at their backs, but they'll be further supported with the promise of five-star concierge support service. It certainly sounds like a interesting way for people to dip their toes into the e-RVing era.

The RollAway electric RV is being created out of GM's BrightDrop Zevo 600 commercial van.

RollAway will offer three different grades of van, starting with a classic two-person queen-bed model it calls the GlampVan. The LuxVan will be a more upscale version of that floor plan with a "spa-class bathroom, spacious living/dining area, and upscale furniture and decor." The QuadVan will have a queen bunk bed layout that sleeps four people.

All images courtesy of RollAway

The on-demand virtual concierge service is accessible with a swipe and poke of a touchscreen and will offer customizable activities and itineraries, both in advance and along the way. Onboard Starlink satellite internet will ensure that renters are never out of service range.

Besides quite effectively combining three on-trend travel and mobility categories - camper van rental, glamping and EV travel - into one, RollAway gives those interested a way of experimenting with all-electric RVing and road tripping without having to purchase an expensive camper van of their own and with the backing of a hotel-style vacation service.

RollAway launched pre-booking several weeks ago and offers packages starting at US$1,300 for a three-night stay. The company is currently advertising an early-bird discount that drops the three-night package price to $800. The company expects to begin welcoming the first Zevo 600 "Suite on Wheels" camper van guests in August 2023. Fancy a trip?

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