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EV Drives 1,250 Miles Without Charging

An electric car has driven nearly 2,000km (1,250 miles) without stopping to charge as part of a demonstration of an electric road that wirelessly charges vehicles as they drive. If widely adopted, surely that would put an end to range anxiety and concerns about slow charge times.

Electric Toyota RAV4 driving on an Electreon chargingroad
Credit: Electreon

Israeli startup Electreon claims the achievement is a new world record for the longest time and distance ever driven non-stop by a passenger electric vehicle (EV), taking just over 100 hours to cover 1,942 km.

The demonstration was completed using a specially adapted Toyota RAV4, which drove in circles around a track fitted with Electreon’s Wireless Electric Road technology. One of Electreon's EV charging roads is already being installed on a test road in America's 'auto capital', Detroit.

Electreon claims its tech can solve some of the fundamental challenges facing widespread EV adoption, including range anxiety, slow charge times and battery size. “The objective of this 100-hour non-stop driving rally was to demonstrate the unlimited technical potential of Wireless Electric Road technology to power EVs to drive indefinitely with a minimal battery,” says the company. “This is yet another clear signal that our Wireless Electric Road technology is ready for large-scale commercial projects globally.”

The 5 day drive involved 56 different drivers, with the vehicle only pausing momentarily to switch between drivers. Electreon plans to develop its wireless charging technology for vehicles alongside Toyota, having signed an agreement with the Japanese automotive giant in March.


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