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Fancy Taking Aerial Selfies?

No more awkard selfie arm!

If you own a smartphone, you essentially have an HD camera sitting right in your pocket. Today’s phones have all the bells and whistles to take stunning photos. The only catch? They can't fly. You know how your arm often gets in the way of selfies? That will be a thing of the past with the AIR PIX which enables you to capture your favorite moments from heights and angles that are impossible to take with a hand-held camera.

The AIR PIX: Pocket-Sized Flying Camera is a mini camera drone that lets you take a unique solo or group selfie. It fits in the palm of your hand (or conveniently in a pocket) and you can use it whenever and where ever you fancy upgrading your selfie images to an aerial one.

Equipped with a 12MP camera, the AIR PIX takes high-quality photos and videos. It has an auto-fly mode that captures your memories autonomously, as well as a gesture mode that allows it to follow your commands via simple hand gestures.

With the Air Selfie mobile app, you have the option to go on manual mode and pilot the flying camera yourself. You can pick the way the camera flies, and in just a few swipes, edit photos with the image editing suite, and share them instantly on your social media accounts.

It's currently retailing for around $140 in the US.

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