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Five Great Home Office Improvements

We won’t be leaving our home offices anytime soon. Or ever, for those that (or can) choose. Even with the sweet siren call of the vaccine on our horizons, it feels like the right time to invest in making the space more comfortable, efficient, and healthier.

Standing Desk Floyd might be best known for its modern, modular, movable sofa - but its Standing Desk caught our eye with its sturdy engineering and simple design. With enough space to spread out (a generous 54-inch desktop) this desk is designed to fit your work-from-home needs, no matter what they might be.

Logitech ERGO K860 It’s the company’s first keyboard that’s split in the middle, so the letters your left hand types are on the left, and the letters your right hand types are on the right. Your wrists rest almost as if they’re on two sides of a pyramid or a small wave, atop a firm yet soft washable cushion.

Ankler Ergonomic Vertical Mouse It looks awkward, but once your hand slips into the grip-like grooves, putting your wrists in a pressure-free position, you’ll wonder why you’ve used a “regular” mouse for so long.

Bizzarely, it also stops you getting 'tennis elbow' - that irritating and somewhat delibitating pain in your elbow that is, frequently, nothing to do with playing tennis.

Logitech HD Webcams If you’re living your life on video calls, it’s probably time to upgrade your camera so you’re not limited to the crummy one on your laptop. OGN suggests the excellent HD1080p for good sound and vision - and it's easily tweakable to show off your carefully curated background to best advantage.

Air Purifier The Dyson Pure hot + cool link air purifier is the standout purifier if you want to 'clean up' your WFH office. Partly, that's because it does more than just purify - there’s a fan and heater too. Find out more here. If you don't want to splurge on an expensive air purifier (you do tend to get what you pay for), why not try plants instead? See Plants for a Healthier Home


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