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Flat Transparent TV

When turned off, it's just a simple sheet of glass. Put it in front of the window, and you can still see the view. Ooh, we want one!

Even though TVs are now flat, it’s still a large black rectangle that blocks you from seeing what’s behind it. Chinese tech company Xiaomi doesn’t want to interrupt your view, so they’ve created a fully transparent TV called Mi TV LUX Transparent Edition that is as much window as it is entertainment device.

Xiaomi was able to accomplish a transparent TV by putting the devices buts into the circular base rather than behind the display. Those internal mechanisms then activate the transparent OLED screen when you want to watch something.

Xiaomi employed their AI Master Smart Engine, which makes use of the custom-made MediaTek 9450 chip, to make the 55-inch screen work. The screen is protected by a piece of glass that is bonded to the display with a UV-curable glue as well as a thin metal frame that runs the perimeter of the glass for extra rigidity.

Since it’s just the glass and the display, it stays pretty thin, measuring only 5.7mm in thickness. Xiaomi also promises that the TV supports Dolby Atmos surround sound, so your audio will be just as amazing as the video. If you’re looking to free up some wall space, you can head over to China and pick up the Mi TV LUX Transparent Edition for 49,999 yuan (about USD$7,200).

See you there!


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