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Get Paid to Upcycle Your Old Sneakers

Wouldn't it be good news if you could make easy money by getting rid of your old sneakers responsibly?

Some old sneakers

Sneakers are notoriously challenging to recycle because they can contain up to 40 different materials that are all stitched and glued together, making it difficult to separate for proper recycling. And with the worldwide demand for sneakers growing, that translates to a shocking 22 billion pairs thrown into the landfill each year and counting.

How about getting paid for yours instead? GotSneakers is a for-profit organization whose mission it is to get shoes to people who need them, reduce environmental waste, and make it rewarding too.

According to GotSneakers, there are hundreds of millions of people worldwide who don’t even own a pair of shoes. If your sneakers are in good shape, they will resell them to those in need. Since the company started, they’ve stopped 75 million pounds of carbon pollution from entering the atmosphere, and recycled and reused 2.5 million pairs of shoes and counting.

Here's how easy it is to get paid for yours:

  • Fill out a simple form here

  • Got Sneakers sends you a free sneaker recycling kit

  • Fill up your kit with unwanted sneakers - the better the condition, the more you get paid!

  • Drop it off at Fedex - shipping is free

  • Sit back and wait for your check to come via email.

It's a win win for people and planet.



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