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Good News Articles

Here's a round up of last week's positive news stories, just in case you want to catch up.

Saving Millions of Trees: Pallet use, over one year, in the UK alone, is responsible for: 100,000,000kg of CO2, 400,000 trees felled and 275,000 tons of wood waste. That's because almost all pallets are only used once. LOOP has a solution.

One Ocean Summit: Representatives from more than 100 countries, after a 3 day summit in France, have committed to measures aimed at preserving the ocean from human harm, including stepping up the fight against illegal fishing, cutting plastic pollution and better protecting international waters.

Best Foods to Eat in Midlife: A study has found a daily serving of wholegrains - as well as several other foods - can help slow middle-aged spread.

Canny Granny: A grandma from Long Island turned the tables on a telephone scammer who tried to dupe her out of $8,000.

Foster Caring: Boy wins USA Mullet Competition and donates all the cash to foster homes and spurs others to make donations too.

Climate Activist Shareholders: Investors in Costco are mad as hell about the company being a laggard on climate change, and they’re not going to take it anymore. Now, they have achieved a world first.

Bleisure is Taking Off: Business travel used to consist of two or three-day corporate getaways, but a new trend that blends business and personal travel may change that.

Rerouting Shipping Lane to Protect Blue Whales: Scientists and conservation groups are calling for one of the world’s busiest shipping lanes to be rerouted in an effort to protect the world’s largest animal.

Artistic Heritage: Joan Milinor is a man on a mission to save Barcelona's decorative floor tiles.


Today's OGN Sunday Magazine articles

OMG!: A jewel of a letter to Winston Churchill in 1917 reveals the first known usage of the now-ubiquitous OMG.

Bird Brain Should be a Compliment: Perhaps not for every bird, but certainly in the case of male song sparrows.

Finland's Circular Economy: Its model looks to be the most robust and likely to make it the first 'waste free' nation.

Mother Earth IV: In memory of Zen Buddhist monk Thich Nhat Hanh, here's the fourth in our series of his Ten Love Letters to Earth.

Bold Fusion: Stunning contemporary church in China features walls, ceilings and a tower made from dozens of spaced-out aluminium ribs, letting light flood in.

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