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Good News Saturday

Updated: 4 days ago

Making sure the weekend gets off to a sunny start with today's positive news nuggets.

barnacle-encrusted football
Credit: Ryan Stalker | British Wildlife Photography Awards 2024
Ocean Drifter

Photographer Ryan Stalker's image of a barnacle-encrusted football was awarded the top prize in the British Wildlife Photography Awards 2024. More than 14,000 images were entered into the competition by both amateur and professional snappers.

Seabird at sunrise in the Everglades, Florida
Seabird at sunrise in the Everglades | Unsplash
Everglades Protection

The US Department of the Interior just announced the establishment of a new 2,390 square mile (16,187 km2) conservation area in the Everglades in southwest Florida. The area will provide crucial protected wildlife corridors, enhance outdoor recreation access to the public, and bolster climate resilience in southwest Florida.

Mobile Money

The share of women in sub-Saharan Africa who own a financial account has more than doubled in the last decade, driven almost entirely by the adoption of mobile money accounts, according to research by the Brookings Institution. That's good news because financial access gives women greater personal safety and less exposure to theft, more say over how household resources are spent, and greater ability to receive money from friends and family in the event of an emergency.

Girls' Wrestling

According to Associated Press, girls’ wrestling has become the fastest-growing high school sport in the USA, sanctioned by a surging number of states and bolstered by a movement of medal-winning female wrestlers, parents and the male-dominated ranks of coaches and administrators who saw it as a necessity and a matter of equality. Where once girls wrestled on boys teams and against boys, increasingly they are wrestling on girls teams and against girls. And now that they are wrestling in sanctioned and official tournaments against girls, their names are going onto plaques on their high schools’ walls and into state record books.

Bright orange Airmarker rescue balloon
Airmarker rescue balloon | Airmarker
Emergency Backup

Even with smartphones, Starlink and personal rescue beacons, the wilderness can be a hostile, unstable place that leaves you incapacitated and stranded in an instant. It pays to have a backup plan and even a backup to the backup. Swiss startup Airmarker delivers that type of added safety layer in a bid to help both wilderness adventurers and search and rescue teams. Its all-new survival beacon (the size of a thermos whilst you carry it) sends up a visual signal that lasts much longer than a flair and works regardless of cellular or satellite coverage. The bright orange balloon rises 150 feet in the air, where it can helpfully identify a victim's location from the ground and air. It could be $225 very well spent.

Ship with 200 tons of food for Gaza
Credit: @chefjoseandres on X
World Central Kitchen

The first in what could become a “maritime highway” bringing continuous aid to people in need in Gaza, a ship filled with 200 tons of food from Chef José Andrés’ World Central Kitchen has crossed the Mediterranean Sea from Cyprus. Since Gaza has no functioning port, workers with World Central Kitchen have built a jetty to receive the aid - which arrived yesterday. In further good news, World Central Kitchen has 500 more tons ready to follow. World Central Kitchen has a network of 60 kitchens across Gaza and, has already provided more than 35 million meals to an estimated 1.7 million displaced Palestinians.

Greening China

According to Xinhua, China's National Greening Commission just announced that it increased its greening efforts last year with 15,443 square miles (39,998 km2) of forest planted, 16,900 square miles (43,790 km2) of degraded grassland restored, and 7,355 square miles (19,050 km2) of sandy and stony land treated. China is notoriously unreliable with big data like this, but even if the numbers are half of that, it's incredibly good news.


"Behold, my friends, the spring is come; the earth has gladly received the embraces of the sun, and we shall soon see the results of their love." Sitting Bull

On This Day

16 March 1995: Mississippi ratified the Thirteenth Amendment - which abolished slavery - 130 years after it was added to the U.S. Constitution. However, Mississippi's ratification was not made official until 2013, when the state notified the U.S. Archivist.


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