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Good News of the Day

The only place you can guarantee enjoy reading the good news of the day - today and every day - is on OGN Daily. So, you're in the right place!

Celebrating the good news of the day by someone punching their fist in the air

The good news of the day comes in two different formats: an eclectic bundle of concise good news nuggets from around the globe, accompanied by two in-depth articles about a wide variety of of uplifting, inspiring, positive occurrences. They could be about anything from conservation successes to environmental wins, scientific discoveries to sustainable initiatives, cultural surprises to archaeological finds, and heroic deeds to random acts of kindness.

And, accompanying the good news of the day, every day, is a mood boosting video. These are wildly eclectic, but only have one objective: to put a look of amazement or a smile on your face.

How does this all happen? In good news for you and our thousands of readers, OGN Daily has a small team of dedicated researchers and editors scouring the news (both in print and online) in the search for the good, uplifting stuff. Happily, there's lots of it. The team then curate and edit all the gems in order to create the good news of the day - and publish it for your enjoyment.

There's really no reason not to give OGN Daily a try, because subscribing is totally free and hassle free. In a few seconds, you could be enjoying a daily e-goodnewsletter in your email in-box every morning. Something joyful in the media to wake up to! If you decide you no longer want to receive your fix of good news of the day, it takes just a few seconds to unsubscribe. Which, incidentally, is how long it takes to sign up


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