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Just Good News Monday

Today's eclectic bundle of positive news stories to put a spring in your step.

Nepali climber Phunjo Lama
Phunjo Lama
Amazing Ascent

Nepali climber Phunjo Lama has just reached Mount Everest's summit in 14 hours and 31 minutes, smashing the record for the world's fastest ascent of the mountain by a woman. Climbers usually take days to reach the top of the 29,032-foot mountain, spending nights on its different camps to rest and acclimatize. But Lama, who is in her thirties, shaved more than 11 hours off the previous best that had stood since 2021. Nepali climber Lhakpa Gelu Sherpa holds the record for the record for the fastest-ever ascent of Everest, reaching the summit in 10 hours and 56 minutes in 2003.

A ceramic goat
Credit: Hansons/SWNS
King's Ceramic Goat

A ceramic goat made by King Charles while he was at university has emerged for sale in the UK after its Canadian owner flew the item over personally. The small animal figure, painted with pink and yellow stripes, was said to have been gifted by the King to Helen Patten, a cook at Cambridge University, while he was a student there. It was later passed down to her nephew Raymond Patten, now a retired carpenter in British Columbia, on his 21st birthday in 1969. Mr Patten, 76, has now put the sentimental item up for sale at Hansons Auctioneers in Staffordshire because of its “historical significance”. It is expected to sell for up to £10,000.

Rhino being released into bomas as part of habituation in Munywana Conservancy.
Rhino being released | Credit: Marcus Westberg/African Parks
White Rhinos Return

In a new initiative spearheaded by the NGO African Parks, dozens of southern white rhinos have been reintroduced to the wild across South Africa. This marks the first phase of a larger plan to release 2,000 rhinos into conservancies across the continent. If you're wondering what the difference is between a white and a black rhino, the answer is that white rhinos tend to be significantly larger than black rhinos. Their body is long and barrel shaped. Black rhinos, on the other hand, are shorter, sturdier and more compact. An adult white rhino can weigh up to 2,300 kg, while a black rhino doesn't usually go over 1,000 kg.

From left: Amelia Flores, Colorado River Indian Tribes chairwoman, Secretary of the Interior Deb Haaland and Arizona Gov. Katie Hobbs

Historic Agreement

Against a backdrop of the Colorado River, members of the Colorado River Indian Tribes watched Secretary of the Interior Deb Haaland (pictured centre), Arizona Gov. Katie Hobbs (right) and Amelia Flores (left), the tribe’s chairwoman, sign an historic agreement - 40 years in the making - that asserts the tribe’s right to lease, exchange or store a portion of its Colorado River water entitlement. As one leader expressed, the tribe is stepping away from the “outdated framework” of federal restrictions that constrained their means to supply water to areas off the tribal land. The financial gain for the tribe will allow them to invest in services that help tribal members, to build needed infrastructure and update systems for agricultural purposes.

AI Cancer Assistance

Radiography departments in England are to get £15.5m of algorithmic assistance from new AI tech which can pinpoint cancer cells 2.5 times faster than doctors alone. The ‘game-changing’ package will roll out across NHS England in a matter of weeks, according to a government statement.

Romeo, the world's tallest steer
Credit: Misty Moore/Guinness World Records
Romeo Nabs Top Spot

He was once destined for the slaughterhouse but Romeo was given a reprieve - and has now been recognised as the world’s tallest steer. The bulky bovine, who dwarfs most ordinary cattle, has reached an imposing 6ft 4in. He seized the title from a 6ft 1in steer named Tommy who lives in Massachusetts. Romeo, a giant Holstein, lives at the Welcome Home Animal Sanctuary in Creswell, Oregon. "Romeo earned his name due to his deep affinity for love. He delights in both expressing affection and receiving it. His striking combination of handsomeness, intelligence and sensitivity made the name an ideal fit,” said his rescuer Misty Moore.


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