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Tuesday's Good News

Updated: Aug 12, 2022

Today's bite sized chunks of good news to help perk up the day.

Billionaires Down Under

The surprise bid for renewables and storage developer Genex Power announced by billionaire Scott Farquhar (pictured) tells two interesting stories about Australia’s green energy transition, says Renew Economy. The first is that the three richest men in Australia - Andrew Forrest ($27bn), Mike Cannon-Brookes ($20.2bn), and Farquhar ($20.1 bn), along with their spouses - are now firmly behind the green transition, and are committing their private money to the shift. The second is a view that the transition may be better funded by private capital than public companies, the latter which have struggled for market valuation and fundraising. And capital is one thing that Australia’s richest men, and the huge and growing number of private funds, have at their disposal. The big challenge for Australian politicians in the new climate-friendly government is to ensure the attraction of green capital to its shores so that its nascent dream of becoming a renewable superpower is delivered.

US Energy Transition

Despite supply chain challenges, the US energy transition continues to accelerate: renewables have generated at least 25 percent of electricity on 59 days this year – versus just three times in 2019. As of 15 June, wind, solar and hydro have generated 23 percent of US electricity, topping both coal and nuclear, reports IEEFA. Things will only get better now that...


Toyota Sells Bikes

In a further sign that cars may have reached the end of the road in cities, Toyota has announced that it will start selling cargo bikes in France. The vehicle manufacturer has partnered with Douze Cycles, a French cargo bike maker, and will soon start selling the cycles in its car showrooms. Studies have shown that the fastest (and greenest) way to deliver goods across a city is by cargo bike. “The cargo bike will become a major player in city centre mobility,” predicted Geoffroy Roux de Bézieux of Douze Cycles.


The vertical groove between the base of the nose and the border of the upper lip.

In Greek, the primary meaning of philtrum is 'love potion' - which suggests that seductive powers were attributed to this facial feature.


Atlantic Cod

The population of Atlantic cod is showing signs of a comeback thanks to strict catch limits imposed in New England, where the fish was central to building the region’s economy. The 'class of 2019' includes at least a million young fish - with three or four more seasons like it, cod could follow in the steps of haddock, a close relative, which recovered 15 years ago.

Puzzle Completed

Meanwhile, in Montana, 38,000 acres of private timberlands have become part of the Lost Trail Conservation Area. The easement is a critical puzzle piece in the Lost Trail project, that stitches together and will protect 100,000 acres of ecologically rich habitat, critical for grizzly bears and Canada lynx.

ICE Out, EV In

Ford just cut 8,000 jobs from its ICE operations to fund further investments into EVs, reports Reuters, and says it's on track to hit annual EV production of 600,000 by 2023, and over two million by 2026. "We are putting the industrial system in place to scale quickly." No wonder that Bloomberg says the US has just passed the EV tipping point.

Quote of the Day

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”

Nelson Mandela

On this Day

2 August 1992: At the Summer Olympics in Barcelona, American athlete Jackie Joyner-Kersee, considered by many to be the greatest female athlete ever, won the heptathlon, becoming the first person to win the event in consecutive Games.


Mood Booster

Billy Preston singing George Harrison's 'My Sweet Lord', supported by Eric Clapton, Ringo Starr and Paul McCartney - amongst others.


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