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Good News Friday

Updated: Feb 14

What better way to wrap up the week than with a global round up of positive news?

Judy Garland's ruby slippers
Judy Garland's ruby slippers | Wikipedia
Caught Ruby-Handed

Finally, the mystery of Dorothy's missing shoes has been solved! An elderly Minnesota man has confessed to stealing Judy Garland's ruby slippers from The Wizard of Oz and has thereby avoided jail by striking a plea deal. Terry Jon Martin, 76, claimed an old mob associate persuaded him to commit the 2005 museum heist for "one last score". Martin originally planned to sell the gems from the slippers, but got rid of them after discovering the rubies were actually made of glass. Oops!

Word of The Day

Cyborg: The name being given to the first human to receive an implant from Elon Musk's brain-chip start-up, Neuralink.

Bottoms Up beer glass
Credit: Bottoms Up Draft Beer Systems
Upside-Down Beer

One day soon, your glass of beer might have a hole in the bottom, thanks to a new breed of beer dispenser that fills cups from the bottom, injecting the liquid to the right level automatically and leaving bartenders free for other tasks. It's an interesting innovation. The glass has a hole in the bottom with a metal ring that's sealed with a magnet - a little round disc. When the cup is clicked into place atop a refrigerated keg, the magnet is lifted and beer starts to flow upward, filling a typical pint in six seconds. Then snaps shut so the beer an be served.

Sea otters
Credit: Monterey Bay Aquarium | Tyson V. Rininger
Sea Otters' Importance

A new study by Monterey Bay Aquarium, published in the journal PLOS Climate, reveals that sea otters' presence along California's central coast led to increased kelp forest canopy, compensating for losses in northern and southern California. Healthy kelp forest ecosystems provide many benefits, including serving as nursery grounds for fisheries, reducing coastal erosion from storms, and contributing to carbon storage. The study indicates returning otters to areas of their historical range could help recover kelp forests and restore their benefits in more places along the California coast. According to Harvard University, coastal ecosystems can sequester up to 20 times more carbon per acre than land forests.

Rendering of The Seoul Twin Eye
The Seoul Twin Eye | UNStudio
Spokeless Ferris

UNStudio has revealed plans to build the world's tallest spokeless Ferris wheel in Seoul, South Korea. The unusual structure will take the form of two intersecting rings, with pods revolving around them to offer superb views of the area. It will be situated on top of a cultural complex and will have a diameter of 180 m (590 ft), bringing its maximum height to 220 m (656 ft). Expected to be operational by 2028, it will be able to carry more than 1,400 people simultaneously in its 64 pods.

Child playing the piano
Child playing the piano | Unsplash
Brain Health

Playing a musical instrument or singing throughout life is associated with better brain health in older age, researchers have said. Scientists at England's University of Exeter found playing an instrument was associated with improved memory and brain function. Singing was also linked to better cognitive ability.

World Kitchen

José Andrés and World Central Kitchen always seem to find a way. They just announced they've served over 22 million meals in Gaza. They've been able to dispatch over 800 trucks to the area and set up 27 kitchens and over 750 clean cooking stoves.


“Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It's not.”

Dr. Seuss

On This Day

2 February 1990: On this day, South African President F.W. de Klerk lifted the 30-year ban on the African National Congress, resulting in the release from prison of Nelson Mandela and marking the beginning of the end of apartheid.


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