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Good News Thursday

Updated: Jun 22, 2020

Round-up of good news snippets from around the world to brighten up your day.

  • Chelsea Flower Show: obviously not happening this year but the star growers, who started their cultivation prior to lockdown, have lots of incredible plants they need to off-load. Now available online and at amazingly good prices.

  • Orchid grower in Ohio donates 50,000 orchids to front line care workers in 7 of America's worst hit cities.

  • Cats kill around one million birds every week in the UK. Let's give the birds a bit more of a chance of surviving by attaching a bell to cats' collars.

  • If you're of a practical and creative disposition, and looking for something new to do, take a look at what Andreas Wannerstedt has been up to.

  • Australia: some NSW pubs to open from Friday.

  • Ocean visitors in southern California are experiencing mesmerizing bioluminescent waves along their shores. 

  • Denmark adds more carriages to trains to help with social distancing.

  • A single industrially farmed cow produces roughly as much pollution as six average European cars. But not anymore! Better burps for cows developed by Swiss company.

  • Reflecting the resounding success Greece has had in containing the virus, travel to and from the island of Crete, and throughout the mainland will resume on May 18; and, between the islands from May 25.

  • UK: Garden centres, golf courses, tennis centres and fishing lakes - are go!

  • Fancy a 5 minute skip through the evolution of piano music, brilliantly performed by two pianists, on video?

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