OGN Monday

Updated: Jul 25, 2020

Selection of good news snippets to kick start the week.

  • Portugal: Dolphins return to Lisbon's Tagus river, in yet another sign of global cleansing.

  • Gold hits 9 year high: Investors have flocked to the “safe haven” asset.

  • France: As lockdown has forced many cinemas to close their doors due to social distancing measures, many cinephiles have turned to drive-ins to watch their favorite flicks. And while drive-ins may make an exciting cinema experience, a floating movie theater in Paris takes outdoor movie-going to another level, swapping cars for boats.

  • Search Engines: Instead of taking the revenue generated by your searches, Ecosia translates its income into planting trees. Millions of them. OGN suggests it's time for us all to abandon Google in favour of Ecosia.

  • Harper's free speech letter warning of intolerance has 'moved the needle', says organiser.

  • Back from near extinction: California Condors spotted in Sequoia National Park.

  • Cricket: West Indies hold on for famous first win over England in dramatic first Test.

  • Notre Dame spire will be rebuilt exactly as it was.

  • Sudan: Country bans FGM as it breaks with hardline Islamist policies.

  • When companies commit to reducing their carbon footprints, they do so either to meet regulatory obligations, bolster their images with customers, or because it makes financial sense. But, frequently, those efforts seem amorphous and they are difficult to grasp. Amazon hopes to change that.

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