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Thursday's Good News

Updated: Nov 27, 2022

Today's bite sized chunks of good news to help get the day off to a sunny start.

koala bear snoozing in a tree
Conservation Sanctuary

Almost 4,000 hectares of koala habitat in Australia will be protected after the land was privately acquired for conservation. The habitat is home to more than 100 vertebrate species, including the endangered koala and 11 other animals listed as threatened. It's also surrounded on three sides by largely intact forest - allowing animals to move freely from place to place. “The success of this new sanctuary is important not only for the future of native wildlife but for the conservation landscape of Australia. It will demonstrate to the rest of the world what can be done with private land to create better outcomes for Australia’s biodiversity and provides hope for threatened native wildlife and their habitats,” said the conservancy’s chief executive, Tim Allard.

Lena Horne photographed in 1946
Broadway Tribute

Lena Horne just became the first Black woman to have a Broadway theater named after her. Horne was an actress, singer, dancer, and civil rights activist who took part in the 1963 March on Washington. Her granddaughter, screenwriter Jenny Lumet, told the crowd outside the theater at the ceremony to follow what was always Horne's message - be inspired. "She would say, 'Let it soar. Let your cup runneth over. Do your thing. Make more art and believe."

All-Terrain Wheelchairs

In good news for anyone who has to use a wheelchair, the state of Georgia says it will soon be easier to be able to enjoy several parks, historic sites and wildlife centers because these locations will provide free all-terrain wheelchairs. The Georgia Department of Natural Resources said it has partnered with the Aimee Copeland Foundation to provide high-mobility, all-terrain track wheelchairs at 10 different locations across the state. DNR said the initiative “encourages those with mobility impairments to reconnect with nature, explore nature trails, go fishing and attend adaptive hunts.”

New Marine Reserve

Mexico has created a new fully protected marine area within the Islas Marías Biosphere Reserve. The reserve, which is centred around a unique archipelago flush with rich nutrients and marine life, covers 6,413 km2 and is now deemed a no-take area, meaning no fishing, mining, drilling or any other extractive activities.

Dolly Receives $100m

Country music star Dolly Parton, a long time philanthropist, has been given $100m by the Bezos Courage and Civility Award, which recognises leaders who "pursue solutions with courage and civility". Bezos, 58, announced the award along with his girlfriend, Lauren Sanchez who said on Instagram that Parton is "a woman who gives with her heart and leads with love and compassion in every aspect of her work. We can't wait to see all the good that you're going to do with this $100m award."


“Before you marry a person, you should first make them use a computer with slow Internet to see who they really are.” Will Ferrell

On this Day

17 November 1973: During the Watergate scandal, U.S. President Richard Nixon held a press conference in which he declared, “I am not a crook.”


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