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OGN Monday

Updated: Aug 3, 2020

Bite sized chunks of good news to get the week off to a positive start.

  • London: this year's Notting Hill Carnival - which normally attracts a million people to the streets of west London - will be a series of free live-streamed events, already filmed over the course of a month, to be shown across four channels on the Notting Hill Carnival website. Events will run from 29 - 31 August. So, wherever you live, you can join the fun.

  • This is what effortless surfing looks like - simply being one with the wave. So, grab your coffee, sit back and hit the play button for this chilled 4 minute video.

  • Random acts of kindness still exist: a struggling 94 year old street vendor in Santa Ana, California was brought to tears by the generosity of a good Samaritan who went on facebook and asked for donations to help him out, raising $84,000 in a week.

  • Separating fact from fiction: online giants slowly improving their policing of blatant misinformation.

  • Germany: Government is currently subsidizing electric vehicles so aggressively that leasing the best-selling five-door Renault Zoe EV is now essentially free. And sold out!

  • Quick general knowledge question to kick start your brain on Monday morning: Name a British royal who is clever, funny, on the ball, sweary and hardworking? The royal in question has bravely batted off a kidnap attempt, represented their country in the Olympics, been nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize for their contribution to famine relief, is qualified to drive a heavy-goods vehicle, and is the only royal with a criminal record (for being in charge of an out-of-control dog). Step forward Princess Anne, the Queen’s second child and only daughter, who turns 70 next month.

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