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OGN Tuesday

Snippets of good news collected from around the world.

  • North Face and Patagonia, the outdoor clothing brands, join Facebook advertising boycott over misinformation and hate speech, adding pressure on Mark Zuckerberg over its content moderation policies. Mountains of Patagonia pictured, above.

  • London: Tony Hudgell, a 5 year old boy who had to have both legs amputated, has raised more £1m for the hospital that saved his life.

  • A circle of deep shafts has been discovered near the world heritage site of Stonehenge, to the astonishment of archaeologists, who have described it as the largest prehistoric structure ever found in Britain.

  • US: In an excellent example of strategic planning, America's entire west coast is set to invest in electric charging facilities for freight lorries.

  • Ecuador: A Canadian herpetologist has rediscovered a species of harlequin toad presumed extinct, and the details of the discovery offer hope not just for the species, but for the entire atelopus genus.

  • After a great (albeit slightly surreal) week of racing at Royal Ascot, it's good to know we only have to wait until 4 July for the Derby, often described as the greatest flat race in the world.

  • Pakistan: High Court rules that 'world's loneliest elephant' must be set free and to live out his remaining years in a more pleasant environment, with new friends.

  • Arizona: Couple win $410 million Mega Millions jackpot by picking numbers based on family birthdays.

  • Prime Minister Boris Johnson set to announce relaxation in the 2 metre rule today, with 'one metre plus' likely to be the new recommendation.

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