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Good News Wednesday

Updated: May 12, 2023

Today's bite sized chunks of positive news to perk up the day.

Prince William and Catherine, Princess of Wales
Credit: Matt Porteous | Kensington Palace
12th Anniversary

Prince William and Catherine, Princess of Wales, have just celebrated their 12th wedding anniversary, and marked the occasion by sharing a never-before-seen photo on their official Instagram page. In the image, which was captured by Matt Porteous last year, the couple smile during a bike-riding excursion in Norfolk, posing with their arms around each other. "12 years ❤️," the couple captioned the sweet pic.

Poland's Success

Poland has experienced the longest uninterrupted period of growth in European history, reports The Guardian. Real GDP has increased sixfold in three decades, and the country has a record-low unemployment rate of 3 percent, lower infant mortality than Canada, higher female life expectancy than the US, and less violent crime than the UK.

The Robert L.B. Tobin Land Bridge in San Antonio, Texas, the largest wildlife crossing in the US
The Land Bridge in San Antonio, Texas, the largest wildlife crossing in the US | Credit: Stimson Studio
Wildlife Crossings

The Associated Press reports that the US government has released $350 million for wildlife crossings to prevent deaths and improve habitat connectivity across the country. “Our country has been remarkably effective at building roads, and now we can start funding projects that will help America’s wildlife cross them," says U.S. Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg. The dedicated funding includes more than $111 million for the first round of grants that will be issued this year. Federal officials said the program will open the door for communities that may not have previously had access to money for such projects.


Sweden has announced plans to build the world’s first electrified motorway, allowing electric cars to charge themselves as they pass along its surface. The e-motorway, which is due to be completed in about two years, is part of wider efforts by Sweden to decarbonise the transport sector. A major benefit of the road is sparing electric vehicle users the annoyance of having to locate and wait at charging stations as, in theory, the road can provide all the required power. Sweden’s transport administration plans to convert the E20 motorway, which is in the middle of three major Swedish cities: Stockholm, Gothenburg, and Malmö.

Kyiv's Energy

Electric trams are running again in Kyiv, electric scooters dot the sidewalks, and with curfew extended to midnight, the streets are bright and buzzing. The Kremlin’s campaign to break Ukraine by destroying its power grid failed, says the New York Times. Not only did the grid survive, it was even able, in early March, to produce surplus energy for the first time in months.

Trees Togo

Togo begins its annual reforestation drive on 1 June, led by Environment Minister, Foli-Bazi Katari. The goal this year is to plant 14 million trees on 11,000 ha of land, improving on the 5.2 million planted on 8,256 ha of land in 2022, reports Afrik21. "Our country’s objective is to restore its entire forest and vegetation cover in the long term."


“I insist on a lot of time being spent, almost every day, to just sit and think. That is very uncommon in American business. I read and think.” Warren Buffett

On this Day

3 May 1979: On this day in 1979, Margaret Thatcher of the Conservative Party was elected British prime minister, becoming the first woman in Europe to hold that post; she later became the longest continuously serving British premier since 1827.


Mood Booster

Maybe: A Chinese Farmer Story. Narrated by English philosopher, Alan Watts.


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