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Good News Today

Updated: Oct 22, 2021

Thursday's collection of good news nuggets from around the world.

  • After weeks of feverish speculation, Adele has announced her return. A new single, Easy on Me, is set for release on 15 October, ahead of her fourth album, likely to be called 30. Adele is the best-selling female album artist of the century in the UK, according to figures published by the British Phonographic Industry.

  • Trewithen Dairy in Cornwall, south west England, is working to produce Britain’s first carbon-neutral milk, in a bid to compete with popular plant-based milks, such as oat, almond and soy. To produce this more environmentally friendly drink they are working with two local dairy farms, each with 400 cows, to switch to more diverse pastures that are grown using zero- or reduced-chemical fertilisers and minimal ploughing. The project, says The Telegraph, has been running for two years and Earth Milk is set to launch next year.

  • Meanwhile, Sweden is building the world’s largest algae factory. Why? To create emission-reducing seaweed feed for cattle - the world’s most polluting animal. 4 percent of the world’s methane emissions currently come from cattle, which is twice that of the worldwide aviation industry.

  • Copenhagen has confirmed its reputation as the global dining destination of the moment after its top eateries finished first and second in the 2021 World’s 50 Best Restaurants awards, widely considered the Oscars of gastronomy. The new Noma from the chef René Redzepi (pictured), famed for his foraging and fermenting techniques, was named best restaurant; with Geranium awarded the number two slot.

  • The Korean culture wave has swept through the editorial offices of the Oxford English Dictionary, which has added more than 20 new words of Korean origin to its latest edition. The OED said the inclusion of so many Korean words was recognition of a shift in language usage beyond the English-speaking world. “The adoption and development of these Korean words in English also demonstrate how lexical innovation is no longer confined to the traditional centres of English in the United Kingdom and the United States,” it said.

  • Michelin have a revolutionary new airless, puncture-proof, futuristic-looking tyre. They’ve re-invented the wheel, literally, by creating an airless tyre that can’t be damaged by debris and potholes. The tyre company has been testing prototypes for a couple of years (in partnership with GM) and according to journalists that have already driven cars equipped with such prototypes, Michelin's new airless tyre feels exactly like any other tyre. If everything goes to plan, Michelin and GM said you can reasonably expect to buy a brand new vehicle equipped with the airless tyre as early as 2024.

  • Most volcanoes seal up after eruption. But Thrihnukagigur, a now dormant cone in Iceland’s Blue Mountains, remained open making it the only volcano on the planet that allows visitors to actually go inside. It’s like entering another world: a 400ft-deep abyss, big enough to fit three basketball courts and the Statue of Liberty, with rock walls stained in a tapestry of orange, red and yellow lava scars, like a piece of modern art. It’s beautiful, but also surreal. And October is a good month to visit, according to Condé Nast Traveller.

  • The inventor of a hand-cranked washing machine has travelled to Iraq to distribute the low-cost device to refugees. Navjot Sawhney created the Divya to allow those living in poverty to be able to wash their clothes more easily. He said the two-week trip to northern Iraq to hand out the machines has been a "completely humbling experience". "To give them the dignity of clean clothes is very fulfilling," said the former University of Bath student.

  • Children across much of Africa are to be vaccinated against malaria in a historic moment in the fight against the deadly disease. Having a vaccine - after more than a century of trying - is among medicine's greatest achievements. Now, after the success of pilot immunisation programmes in Ghana, Kenya and Malawi, the World Health Organization says the vaccine should be rolled out across sub-Saharan Africa and in other regions with moderate to high malaria transmission. Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, director-general of the WHO, said it was "a historic moment".

  • A high performance electric car has gone into production in the US with a certified range of 520 miles - the longest currently on the open market. The Air Dream model by Tesla rival Lucid received good reviews from American media over the weekend, after it went into mass manufacture at its Arizona factory last week. It costs just short of $170,000 (£124,000), although cheaper models (with shorter ranges) are also available.

  • Fun Fact: The word “strengths” is the longest word in the English language with only one vowel.

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