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Good News Tuesday

Today's round up of positive news stories across the globe.

  • Galicia, northern Spain: First brown bear for 150 years seen in national park.

  • Norway: Norwegian Air shareholders back £770m rescue plan, allowing the carrier to unlock government aid.

  • New York: Beer delivery dogs may be lockdown’s best invention.

  • Edinburgh: Five product designers who started using their 3D printers to produce face shields for healthcare workers have been joined by 200 volunteers. A ‘pop-up factory’ at Summerhall, Edinburgh, has produced more than 20,000 face shields.

  • USA: The manufacturer of drug Remdesivir, which is being used to aid coronavirus patients’ recovery, has donated the entire stockpile to the US government.

  • UK: Rush of patent applications as bored Britons in lockdown come up with new inventions.

  • Australia: Restrictions on surfing are being eased since the coronavirus appears to be under control. Same for kiwis in neighbouring New Zealand.

  • Italy: 4.5 million workers went back to their jobs this week in the manufacturing and strategic sectors, and people in "stable relationships" are allowed to visit each other.

  • There has long been evidence that a sufficiency of vitamin D protects against viruses, especially respiratory ones. Now would be a good time to make sure you're taking some.

  • UK looking forward to celebrating VE Day on Friday.

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